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Seasonal Camps

Join us for Seasonal Camps and give curious minds a fun and educational outlet during break!

Our Seasonal Camps come in a variety of one, two or three day camps. Check each camp for details.

Our camp curriculum is divided into two sections. The first hour students are engaged in a drawing or painting lesson based on the camp theme. After a short break, students will explore basic sculpture skills using clay, and other craft projects.

Camps are offered at both our Ravenna and Madison Valley locations. All materials and supplies included in tuition.

To check availability see the camp schedules.

Tuition Rates

Thrive Art School. Seattle Art Classes and Camps for Children Teens and Adults

Carnival Creations

Ages: 5-10

Come join the circus with us in this fantastic mid-winter camp! Learn to draw and paint lions, elephants, monkeys, clowns and more! We will create funny clay animals and decorate frames with all the amazing details of a real live circus, including juggling balls, tight-rope walkers, and fireworks. Don't miss this fun opportunity to create your very own artistic circus!

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