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Enrichment Program

Would you love to have kids at your school beam with pride about what they just learned to draw? How about gain confidence to draw anything they wish? Thrive's innovative and time-tested art program can have that kind of impact. We offer afterschool enrichment programs or can come to your school during school hours and bring our program to you. With a ten year history in your local community, Thrive IN School is an enrichment program you can trust for high quality fine art education and making very proud kids!

After or Before School

Our expert art instructors work onsite at public and private schools either after school, before school, or on early dismissal days to teach students basic drawing and painting skills. Classes are fun and dynamic and our guided instruction creates just enough structure for students to build confidence and skills and enough freedom for individual creativity.

Typical arrangements include:

  • Average session 8 weeks, occurring fall, winter and spring
  • Session cost is typically $120 for 8 weeks. This works out to $15 per child per class and is usually paid by parents. Scholarships available.
  • All high quality supplies are provided by Thrive and included in tuition. Mediums taught: chalk pastel, oil pastel, marker and more
  • Each class last 1 hour. Scheduling preference given to schools who book two classes back to back, for example, 3:20-4:20pm and 4:30-5:30pm
  • Class size- minimum 10, maximum 18

If you would like the students at your school to enjoy the benefits of Thrive’s afterschool art enrichment program please contact us for further information.

During School Hours

Thrive Art School can design a well balanced fine art curriculum that meets the WA State EALRs and supports subjects and themes in the classroom. Our expert art instructors work on site during school hours to teach students basic drawing and painting skills through our progressive curriculum. Typical arrangements include:
  • Program offered to K – 8th grade, typically occurs weekly, session length varies
  • Cost is a flat rate of $125 per hour lesson and includes all quality supplies. Mediums taught: chalk pastel, oil pastel, marker, water color
  • Includes a Lesson Guide for classroom teachers that explains how the benchmarks for the arts are met
  • Maximum class size is 20
  • One-time workshops to focus on a specific subject also available

To arrange Thrive IN School art program at your school please contact us for further information. Research shows if you draw what you are learning about you learn it 8 times faster and retain it 8 times longer. Mona Brookes, Drawing with Children

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